Meet Tim Stahmer

timstahmerTim Stahmer

How are you involved in education?

My official title is Instructional Technology Specialist (for Fairfax County Schools, Virginia). I see myself as Educator. Blogger. Learner. Geek. (Not necessarily in that order on any particular day.)

Have you ever attended an edcamp or unconference before?

No. Very much looking forward to this one.

What do you hope to get out of edcamp MetroDC?

Meet new people, learn about new ideas and resources, and make new connections. Open to just about anything.

If you led a session at edcamp MetroDC, what would you present?

I have a big interest in Google Earth and would like to hear how others are using it for learning. I work with many groups about tools and processes for managing information. I have a lot of low-geek experience with using WordPress for personal web publishing. Glad to lead a session on any or all of these.

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