Meet David Dutrow

daviddudrowDavid Dutrow

How are you involved in education?

I am an English teacher at Mt. St. Joseph High School in Baltimore, MD. I am moving toward a flipped classroom model and am on our school’s committee to develop cross-curricular PBL. I am a lover of EdTech, and I’m hoping to learn about some terrific new practices at edcamp MetroDC!

Have you ever attended an edcamp or unconference before?

Never, and I can’t wait!

What do you hope to get out of edcamp MetroDC?

First and foremost, I love meeting other engaged educators. I hope to meet many people with whom a relationship will continue far beyond edcamp. Since beginning to use Twitter as PD, I’ve discovered the power in a grassroots, technological approach to teaching.

If you led a session at edcamp MetroDC, what would you present?

While I’m not actually interested in leading a session, if I did, it would be on the need for quality assessment/testing practices and how we can move toward something beyond the traditional Scantron-and-essay exam.

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