Meet Philip Justus

Philip Justus

How are you involved in education?

Director of Explorations! Rockville Science Center. Former College Geology Professor and Sr. Geologist with Federal Government.

Have you ever attended an edcamp or unconference before?


What do you hope to get out of edcamp MetroDC?

Listen for opportunities for local Science Center to contribute to public understanding of STEM and to offer after school opportunities for parents and students to engage in STEM activities and events.

If you led a session at edcamp MetroDC, what would you present?

( ) I would arrange and lead a pre-edcamp and/or post-edcamp (limit 20 each)one-half day geology walk from Great Falls of the Potomac River, MD to Mather Gorge to point out evidence for how geological, hydrological, meteorological and biological processes work in our own backyard. Outcomes include understanding how the Earth works, insights into its history, consideration of potential future consequences, and an aha-moment about the joint powers of running water, gravity and human behavior.
( ) Stimulate discussion on how to establish an after-school community center(s) for science and technology to engage students and parents in hands-on messing-around (mentors present with all kinds of equipment, instruments and substances, videos, experiments, objects) with curiosity about why and how things are and work ‘that’ way.

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