Meet Norman Constantine

Norman Constantine

How are you involved in education?

I am a teacher who teaches trans-disciplinary classes. I have also taught history, economics math, English, Government, Computer Science, Digital video, Multimedia and Web Site design and Chess. I have taught AP Computer Science in all languages that it has been offered in from Pascal through Java, AP English, AP American Government and AP American History. I have done the instructional design for a completely on-line AP European History course. I have served as a Director of Technology Integration, Chairman of a Computer Science Department, a Technology Integrator, a summer camp director, an before and after program director, a coach of Chess, Varsity and JV Soccer (boys and girls), Varsity girls baskettball, Varsity girls Softball, and anything else nobody else was willing to do. I have been doing this for 34 years.

Have you ever attended an edcamp or unconference before?

Yes I have. I actually presented an unsession on digital writing at a Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) convention.

What do you hope to get out of edcamp MetroDC?

New ways of doing things.

If you led a session at edcamp MetroDC, what would you present?

Unsessions do not have leaders or agendas. Everything evolves from the bottom up around an interest in my view. I would like to participate in sessions on writing, chess, and developing a new educational paradigm to replace school.

Register for edcamp MetroDC on April 5, 2014:

Eventbrite - edcamp MetroDC 2014

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