Meet Kitty Shadman

Kitty Shadman

How are you involved in education?

I joyfully have been a technology coach and coordinator for 27 years. Yes, starting back in the days of Commodore 64’s cassette tapes and Apple IIe 5 1/4 floppies!

Besides teaching students and teachers at Our Lady of Mercy School, I am one of five Lead Instructional Technology Coaches for the Archdiocese of Washington DC. Our team supports tech coaches, teachers and administrators through webinars, workshops and mentoring. It is a thrill to see how our teachers, armed with great pedagogy, excite students by integrating 21st century tools.

Have you ever attended an edcamp or unconference before?

No, but am excited after hearing Kristen Swanson in an ISTE webinar

What do you hope to get out of edcamp MetroDC?

I am excited hear ways subject area teachers integrate technology into their instruction. I hope to hear the success stories, setbacks and reasons for hesitation regarding tech integration so that I might better help my own teachers and the tech coaches throughout my district.

I want to see the edcamp model in action so I might use it as a model for future PD

If you led a session at edcamp MetroDC, what would you present?

Using 21st century tools for collaboration, Skype in the classroom, What ISTE Standards look like in the classroom.

Register for edcamp MetroDC on May 9, 2015:

Eventbrite - edcamp MetroDC 2015


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