Four Reasons to attend edcamp MetroDC

Still on the fence about edcamp MetroDC on May 9? Here are four reasons why you should register!

1. Personalize your Professional Development

edcamp law of 2 feet

Edcamps are reliant on the law of two feet, encouraging participants to find a session that meets their needs.

Ever go to a conference and feel stuck in a session that sounded great, but didn’t turn out to be as relevant as you liked? Well, don’t feel that way at an edcamp! Take your learning into your own two … feet, and leave to find a better session. It’s not rude, it’s encouraged! (This is your Saturday after all.)

2. Network with other local educators

edcamp networking (1)

Edcamps are open to all who are interested in education. They tend to attract some of the most passionate and interesting educators around. Are you looking to increase your network of innovative educators? You’ll be sure to meet interesting teachers, specialists, librarians, school leaders and more.

In previous years edcamp MetroDC attendees came from all over the greater Metro DC area (and beyond). Learn more about this year’s participants on our website. If you’re planning to come, make sure to fill out this survey to introduce yourself.

3. Share your expertise

edcamp session board

Unconferences purposefully don’t feel like normal conferences. Instead of a series of speakers, edcamps emphasize conversation, rather than presentation.

Edcamp sessions are created by participants on the day of the event, and people “vote” on sessions with their feet. Also, while it is not mandatory, an unspoken rule of edcamps is that if it is your first one, you should present! Remember, you don’t have to be the best in the room, you just have to have a passion, and a desire to discuss that passion with others.

Some edcampers come without doing any prep work; some come only with an idea of what they want to discus. Others prepare more formal presentations. If you do prepare a presentation, make sure it will last no more than 20 minutes so as to allow time to facilitate a discussion on your topic.

4. Win Raffle Prizes

edcamp raffleprizes

Edcamps are free of cost, but every attendee will leave with a swag bag! Although edcamps are free from corporate vendors and booths so we can focus on conversations about education, we do have a variety of sponsors. These sponsors will provide support for the event through services, items for our swag bags, and raffle prizes!

Here are our raffle prizes this year:

  • Chromebook (donated by Alchemy)
  • Mobile Interactive Whiteboard, or one of two document cameras (donated by IPEVO)
  • Licenses for Camtasia and Snagit (donated by TechSmith)
  • One year subscription to Buncee (donated by Buncee)
  • 10 codes for QuizFlick Jr (donated by HappiPappi)
  • 1 Premium subscription to (donated by HSTRY)
  • 2 prize packs, each containing a set of iBallz + Soft Sleeves (donated by iBallz)
  • 1 Pro Account to MyWriteAbout (donated by MyWriteAbout)
  • 2 year-long licenses to VoiceThread (donated by VoiceThread)
  • 1 year-long license to PearDeck (donated by PearDeck)
  • 2 year-long subscriptions to Zaption Pro (donated by Zaption)

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