Thanks to iBallz, an edcamp MetroDC 2016 sponsor!

We’re grateful to have iBallz as a returning sponsor for edcamp MetroDC 2016! iBallz has donated prize packs for our raffle, each containing a set of iBallz + Soft Sleeve, as well as a discount code for all participants!


iBallz is the trusted solution for classroom tablet protection, now utilized in thousands of K-12 classrooms and homes worldwide. iBallz are especially popular for one-to-one (1:1) and special education programs, as well as a wide variety of accident-prone professional environments.

The iBallz shock absorbing bumper case has literally reinvented tablet protection. Dropped from any angle, its patented design adds virtually zero weight and enables your tablet to bounce, not break, while remaining safely elevated above floors or sticky surfaces.

iBallz offers more than just tablet protection. Use the adjustable elastic cord to hang your tablet like a picture frame from a wall peg, kitchen cabinet, car seat head rest, plane tray table or anywhere you require convenient hands-free operation. Remove one ball and position your tablet into the perfect tilted ergonomic typing position.

The larger iBallz Original fit most 10-12″ tablets up to .5″ thick, while the smaller iBallz Minis fit most 7-9″ tablets and e-readers up to .5″ thick.

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