Raffle Items

Thanks to our generous sponsors, every edcamp MetroDC attendee will receive a swag bag and be eligible to enter a raffle! Here’s more information about what raffle and swag items you can look forward to!

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Raffle Items

  • Chromebook (donated by Alchemy)
  • Mobile Interactive Whiteboard (donated by IPEVO)
  • Camtasia for Mac, Camtasia Studio, Snagit, 3 shirts (donated by TechSmith)
  • Personal Tour of the Department of State for you and a guest with Acting Special Representative to Muslim Communities; before June 7, 2014. (Subject to security clearance/restrictions. No monetary value has been exchanged for this tour. The tour is subject to cancellation at any time.)
  • $100 Starbucks card and a mug (donated by the Southern Teachers Agency)
  • 2 $40 Amazon cards (donated by Everfi)
  • 1 Gift card for Cava Mezze (donated by Cava)
  • T-Shirts and Stickers (donated by Class Dojo)
  • T-Shirts (donated by Knewton)
  • T-shirts (donated by Sophia)
  • Gift bag with a one year membership to Buncee, mug and t-shirt (donated by Buncee)
  • Upgrade accounts for Answerpad (10 available – donated by Answerpad)
  • Upgrade accounts for Edynco (10 available – donated by Edynco)
  • Free site subscription to Flocabulary (donated by Flocabulary)
  • Upgrade codes for Fluency Finder (donated by FluencyFinder)

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