Thanks to our sponsor: Techsmith

We’re grateful to have Techsmith as one of our sponsors for edcamp MetroDC.


TechSmith products allow educators to engage students using visual, interactive learning materials. With screen capture and recording software; Snagit, and the Camtasia family of products, teachers can explain difficult concepts with images and videos instead of words, add captions to their recorded lectures to help the learning process, and easily share content with students.

Students enjoy TechSmith software, too! They can create screen recordings to help other students understand a lesson, or they can learn at their own pace by watching lectures at home.

Register for edcamp MetroDC on April 13, 2013:

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Thanks to our Sponsor: Voki

We’re grateful to have Voki as one of our sponsors for edcamp MetroDC.

Voki is the popular tool that allows teachers and students worldwide to use avatars in education. Voki has over 1 million users, with about 20K registering each week! Voki and Voki Classroom are great educational tools that help students to express themselves freely in the classroom.

Register for edcamp MetroDC on April 13, 2013:
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Thanks to our Sponsor: The edcamp Foundation

We’re grateful to have the edcamp Foundation as one of our sponsors for edcamp MetroDC.

In addition to being the group that started the whole movement, the edcamp Foundation also funded edcamp MetroDC with a microgrant. This money will be a great help in helping us make April 13 the best it can be!

Our Sponsor: SmartBrief on EdTech

We’re grateful to have Smart Brief on EdTech as one of our sponsors for edcamp MetroDC.


SmartBrief on EdTech is free, daily e-mail newsletter designed specifically for education stakeholders with an interest in the education technology world. Access relevant, specifically-curated articles and blog posts in your email every day. Go to their website in order to sign up.

Our Sponsor: Flocabulary

We’re grateful to have Flocabulary as one of our sponsors for edcamp MetroDC.


Flocabulary is an online learning platform that delivers educational hip-hop songs and videos to students in grades K-12. These standards-aligned videos cover a variety of subjects and grade-levels. The interface is easy to navigate and the content is unique and engaging.

Check out the week in rap videos for an update on current events!

Flocabulary has provided edcamp MetroDC with a free site license for one participant and an extended trial to all participants!

Registration for edcamp MetroDC is now open!

Registration is now open for edcamp MetroDC April 13, 2013! Click on the registration link below (also located on the right side of the edcamp MetroDC website.)

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edcamp MetroDC is a free event, but we also have a ticket option that includes a sandwich box lunch from Corner Bakery.

Join us for edcamp MetroDC on April 13, 2013!